Cakes on Display

Our display of a variety of cakes.

The Imperial

Walnut brownie, dark chocolate mousse with raspberry ganache filling.


A combination of nougat and sea salt caramel milk chocolate mousse with a layer of peaches aged in liqour.

The Paradise

An orange flavoured chocolate mousse with Grand Marnier Crème Brlûée filling, finished with sprayed chocolate.

Exotic Flower

White chocolate mousse, exotic fruit cream filling (mango, passion fruit & banana) with dark chocolate brownie.

Mirabelle Flan

Sweet yellow plums filled with light almond cream. The most popular fruit flan from Alsace.

Prince Noir

Crispy praline crust, roasted hazelnut coffee butter creme and chocolate mousse, finished with a dark glaze.

Dream of China

Strawberry mousse and passion fruit coulis encased with a fancy biscuit.


Mocha butter cream and chocolate cream layered with a Joconde Biscuit and finished with a delicate chocolate glaze.


Dark chocolate mousse filled with mixed berry coulis, finished with a dark chocolate glaze.


Lady's finger soaked in coffee, with powdered chocolate and mascarpone cheese.

St. Eve

Crusty almond sponge, roasted hazelnut butter cream with a layer of dark chocolate inside.

Raspberry Cheesecake

Sweet crust filled with white chocolate, cream cheese & fresh raspberries.

The Symphony

A combination of dark, white & milk chocolate mousse filled with fresh raspberries, finished with raspberry purée.


Hazelnut mousse with walnut biscuit that is soaked in rum and finished in dark chocolate.


Sweet crust filled with almond cream and crunchy hazelnut, finished with pistachio mousse.

The Temptation

Chocolate cake and light cherry cream that has cherries aged in liquor, finished with milk chocolate.

Petit Fours

Mixed miniature èclair, lemon tarts, mousse cakes and buttercream cakes. Minimum order of 1 dozen. Photo © YOUR AD ONLINE Inc.

Individual Desserts

Ba-Ba au Rhum

Lemon Tart

Sweet crust filled with lemon cream that is made with pure lemon juice.

Mt. Blanc

Treasure Island

Mango mousse with passion fruit coulis covered in a dark chocolate cup.


Crunchy pistachio, dark chocolate ganache and light caramel cream filled w/ peaches.

Fresh Fruit Flan

A sweet crust and CrŹme patissiere topped with fruits in season

Strawberry Short Cake

Vanilla cake, fresh strawberries, raspberry liqour with whipped cream and pastry cream.

St. Honore

Layers of sweet cream puff filled w/ pastry & wiping cream, covered w/ caramel.

Chocolate Pie

A bittersweet chocolate pie filled w/ roasted pistachio and hazelnut, the ideal alternative to chocolate mousse.

Pear Sabayon

Sweet crust and almond cream, topped w/ sliced William pears.

Apricot Almond Pie

Sweet crust filled w/ almond cream topped w/ sliced apricots.

Apple Streussel

Fresh Ontario apples baked in Crème patissiere.

Louis XIV

Dark Chocolate mousse, Cassis cream w/ pear mousse that has William pear in liqour.


Lemon madeleine sponge, lemon mousse with strawberry filling.

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